Together Towards Zero Snakebite deaths in India

Hospital Map

According to the “Million death study “approximately 45000 human lives are lost to snakebites every year across India. These deaths happen due to various factors such as improper first aid, practices of faith healing, not reaching hospital on time & lack of preparedness to deal with snake bite emergencies in rural hospitals across the country. This map shows some of the hospitals where treatment is available for snake bites. The information is collected from field contacts across the country. We are constantly updating the map and if you know about a hospital which treat snake bite in your area and the same is not listed, please CLICK HERE to share the information with us. The more hospitals we add the more people will get benefited.

Disclaimer: These hospitals were treating snake bites when we / our contacts updated the information. You may check with the hospital about the current status and preparedness of them to treat snake bites. As venomous snake bites are medical emergencies, the success of treatment depends on various factors such as time taken to reach the hospital, nature of the snake bite, degree of envenomation etc.. We (the promotors of the website) are not responsible for any damage or loss of life, property as a result of using this website of information provided here.