Project Areas

You can support the project in various ways from volunteering to donating lifesaving ASV to hospitals. Following are the ways to get involved with Indian Snakebite Initiative.

1. Participating as a volunteer: We welcome volunteers from all across the country. To become a volunteer, please fill the form

2. Save a Life!: We need hundreds of Anti Snake Venom vials to support our partner hospital programmes. One vial costs us about 500 Rupees (about USD 9). These vials can save lives of people who need ASV support in areas where there is ASV shortage. People can get treated in our partner hospital/s where free ASV support is given to the patients.

3. Become a CSR Partner: We welcome corporate houses to support this project by extending their CSR arm. You may send an email to for more details.

4. Support education and awareness: We conduct education and awareness workshops in schools and other educational institutions across India to create awareness about snakes and snakebites. These awareness camps are done with the help of modern and traditional learning aids. You may sponsor these workshops; one workshop costs Rs. 2500 or USD 40 .

5. Sponsor capacity building workshops for medical practitioners: We conduct one-day workshop and networking sessions for medical practitioners of a district. The sessions are conducted by expert doctors and snake rescuers.

Saving about 50000 people from snakebite deaths requires a long-term commitment; nevertheless every little step towards this mission matters as it is ultimately human life that is at stake.

Write to Jose Louies ( if you need to know more about support options